Secure online payments

Online transfers are carried out via the website Behalf support for quick electronic payments is handled by PayU SA with its registered office in Poznań 60-324, ul. Marcelińska 90, who runs the service, which acts as a fee collector. The account number for this form of transaction is different from our store account (automatically generated). Payments made in this way are not charged with commissions.

Online bank transfer is available to online account holders in the following banks:
Inteligo account (I pay with Inteligo)
mBank (MTransfer)
Bank Zachodni WBK (Przelewy24)
BPH Bank (Transfer from BPH)
ING Bank
Lukas Bank
Bank Pekao SA
PKO BP (I pay with PKO Inteligo)
MultiBank (MultiTransfer)
Nordea Bank (Pay with Nordea)
Kredyt Bank
Deutsche Bank
Reifeissen Bank
Citi Handlowy
Lukas e-transfer

Advantages of using fast Internet transfers:
– We see your payment during 1-2 hours
– We're preparing the package on the same day.
– You make a transfer through your bank's panel.
– You do not incur any additional costs.
– Using intermediation does not charge you with any additional costs.