Mink fur SAGA MINK 42

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Beautiful natural fur from the mink of the highest species Saga Mink combined with the skin.
German production. Very elegant and warm. Minks in light ivory color with darker reflections.
White leather with ivory detail. Top quality leather (lamb) soft and durable. In the arms of the cushions, fastened with three fasteners (clips). Inside, a satin, bright lining.

The estimated size 42. Please check the dimensions.

The fur is in perfect condition - soft, glossy. Perfectly clean skin.
Without any traces of earlier use. Fresh and ready to wear.

Length: 84 cm / 33 inch
Width (measured from the armpit to the armpit): 61 cm / 24 inch (frame circumference 22 cm / 48 inch)
Sleeve length (measured from the inside): 39 cm / 15 inch, sleeve measured from the collar to the end of the cuff: 71 cm / 28 inch


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