Vintage 80s Frank Usher sequin shirt XL


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Frank Usher sequin shirt.
Vintage from the 80s. Button-down silk shirt. Longer, behind the hips, slightly transparent. Pillows in the arms to emphasize the lines. Fully embroidered with black sequins. Various sizes and types of sequins and beads. A beautiful unique thing.

Size from the tag: XL. Please check the dimensions.

The shirt is in perfect condition, with no visible signs of earlier use. All sequins and beads are in place. Fresh and ready to wear.

Material: 100% silk and sequins.

Length: 84 cm / 33 inch
Width (measured from the armpit to the armpit): 69 cm / 27 inch, circumference 138 cm / 54 inch
Sleeve length (measured from the inside): 46 cm / 18 inch


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