Harris Tweed 54 / R44 jacket / blazer

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Harris Tweed 54 wool jacket / blazer. Zirl model. Made in Germany.
Warm, quilted inside, making it suitable for colder days.
Elegant, with a timeless, classic cut. Made in 100% of the highest quality Scottish wool.
Color: brown, olive, with an admixture of orange. Herringbone. Harris Tweed is a unique, exclusive material produced exclusively in Scotland. It owes its extraordinary quality to a carefully controlled, manual production process. Each jacket made of this material has an additional label confirming the authenticity of the material (HT00143852).
Single-breasted, fastened with three buttons, and additionally one at the neck for better protection against the wind.
It has four pockets on the outside - two slip pockets and two with flaps and two pockets inside, closed with a zipper. Lined with satin material in an intense orange color.

The jacket is in perfect condition, without any traces of earlier use.
Fresh and ready to wear.

Material: 100% wool.

Size 54 / 44 R, which corresponds to size XL. Please check the dimensions.

Length:  81 cm / 32 inch
Width (measured from the armpit to the armpit): 58 cm / 23 inch, circumference 116 cm / 46 inch
Sleeve length (measured from the inside): 43 cm / 17 inch, (measured from the collar) 84 cm / 33 inch

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