Mink fur SAGA MINK 40

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Beautiful natural fur from French mink and leather designer Sylvie Schimmel. Made in France.
In brown. Fur refers to motor jackets - mink, combined with leather and wool.
Woolen welts, belt and collar. Fastened with a double zipper. There are two layers at the front - after unzipping the outer zippers, you can see the second layer of wool, also zipped. The fur is unlined.

Fur is in very good condition - soft, glossy.
Fresh and ready to wear. Comfortable, elegant and warm.

Size from the tag: 40 (L).

Length: 71 cm / 28 inch
Width (measured from the armpit to the armpit): 53 cm / 21 inch (frame circumference 106 cm / 42 inch)
Sleeve length (measured from the inside): 51 cm / 20 inch

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40 (L)


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