Burberry winter coat lining 100% wool 44 (XL/XXL)


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Winter lining for Burberry 44 coat/trench coat (XL/XXL). Made in England.
Made of 100% wool. Fully printed with Burberry check pattern in brown version. Fastened with a zipper - the coat should have an internal zipper for its fastening. Perfectly insulates the coat, thanks to which it increases the possibility of using the coat on colder days.

The liner is in perfect condition, with no visible signs of previous use. Fresh and ready to wear.

The size on the label is UK 18 EX LONG (XL/XXL), which corresponds to EU 44 EX LONG (EX LONG means a longer model than the standard). Please check the dimensions.

Material: 100% wool.

Length: 112 cm / 44 inch
Width (measured from the armpit to the armpit): 64 cm / 25 inch, frame circumference 128 cm / 50 inch

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44 (XXL), XL, XL / XXL, XXL




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